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Home solutions for respiratory health, recovery and general wellbeing using Halotherapy in a fast, convenient, and safe way.

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A luxury wellness suite, in your home
A true luxury wellness experience, incorporating the benefits of far InfraRed sauna combined with halotherapy, at home
Developed in partnership with the worlds leading InfraRed sauna and halogenerator producer
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Halotherapy anytime, anywhere
Fast, Convenient, Accessible
The smallest halogenerator ever developed
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The full halotherapy experience
Enjoy a true salt room experience in comfort from the safety and convenience of your home
Developed in partnership with the world’s #1 halogenerator producer
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What is halotherapy?

Breathe better, naturally

Halotherapy dates back to the 12th century in Poland, when people would spend time in ancient salt caves to improve their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity. Today, halotherapy is largely practiced in salt rooms at spas, where powerful halogenerators turn pharmaceutical grade salt into microscopic particles which are breathed in and absorbed by the skin to reduce inflammation.

We’ve partnered with some of the leading names in halotherapy around the world to bring the power of commercial halogenerators to your home, in a fast, convenient, and safe way.

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“Halotherapy is a natural and effective solution to respiratory health”

- Dr. Andrew Mayo

“My life is so busy, I don’t have time to go to a salt therapy place 2-3 times per week.  With my home unit,  I use it more often and I feel so much better.”

- Kym L.

“The HaloPod has made a huge difference with my son’s eczema”

- Sherry M.

“I travel a lot, so the HaloPocket is great to be able to use anytime, anywhere.”

- Scott B.

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Our products are natural, safe, and effective.
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